A summer night in 2015, a group of friends, later to become the founders of UPLOND, were having drinks in Mayfair's Lancashire Court, in London. They were facing an alley full of tables and well dressed people. Some of them were interacting with their smartphones, some others were frequently checking their phone on the table. The contrast between each person's unique dress style and their ordinary phone was striking. All phones looked the same: Industrial made, plastic electronic devices with no soul. Living in a large city like London makes you realize how difficult it is to express your individuality. People are identified by the objects they own but these objects are owned by millions of people. You are not unique.... This was the moment UPLOND’s first product LOR was conceived: A luxury portable phone charger that will make you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, stylish, luxurious way that whispers to the world your appreciation of the finest things in life.
Welcome to the world of UPLOND



England has a tradition of manufacturing luxurious leather goods and clothing. Also, it is a place rich in history and art. We want to honour and extend this tradition by designing and building unique high technology products of ultimate beauty and craftsmanship using highly skilled, local, leather craftspeople. All our products are fully handmade in Leatherhead, a small town south of London.


The materials used for making the LOR power bank are selected by the customer. This is a fully bespoke product of limited production. Hence, it is never in stock. Manufacturing begins only after an order has been received with an expected lead time of 4-6 weeks. Your order will be assigned to a single artisan who will perform all the operations needed to build your product, paying the utmost attention to detail and the quality of the hand stitching. A piece of the leather used and a personalized note is then added in your package by the artisan him/her self before your order is shipped. LOR is made exclusively by the hands of a single person.




The design of the LOR series has gone through multiple iterations before reaching its final state. We wanted the power bank to be as light-weight, slim and practical as possible. It is intended to be highly portable, ready to provide an emergency charge to your smart device on a daily basis. Hence, the charging cable is embedded into the product and the battery capacity of 2000 mAh is ideal for top-ups*. The battery level indicators have a warm sunny light giving a nod to London’s Victoria station. The leather used for the back side and the charging connector is made of one piece. This allows the connector to have one colour on both sides but it requires painstaking attention to detail when the back and front leather pieces are stitched together. This design can only be done by hand; it is a silent trademark feature that signals “handmade” to the people in the know.

 * For reference, the battery capacity of iPhone 6 is 1810 mAh and of iPhone 7 is 1960 mAh.