SOLEPAD SYSTEM - Revolutionising In-Store Shoe Retailing and Delivering
Global Vital Footwear Analytics

SURREY, UK – November 2, 2015 - UK technology company R&D CORE is launching the SOLEPAD® SYSTEM, a market first, hi-tech, portable foot measuring and business analytics device, which enables footwear stores to deliver a dynamic one-to-one retailing experience and capture powerful, cloud based, business analytics information.

R&D CORE’s SOLEPAD® SYSTEM provides footwear retailers with a simple, fast way to capture customers’ foot length and width in a second together with date, time and scale used and other variables including the customer’s gender and contact information, boosting interaction with shoe fitters and sales assistants and making the shoe shopping experience enjoyable and engaging for adults and children. The system also captures vital, powerful, business analytics information, 24/7, enabling shoe shops to better understand the entire sales cycle across multiple stores, including why a customer didn’t buy and how each salesperson performs on the front line.  

The simple and smart app approach is designed to work on a multitude of smart devices, including smartwatches and enables store assistants and shoe fitters to store the details of the transaction to their smart device. Its super simplistic approach ensures that store personnel can be up and running within minutes, eliminating the need for timely, onsite training sessions and removing any downtime traditionally associated with a new technical retail device.

The SOLEPAD® technology can capture insightful, powerful data across multiple stores to help footwear retailers build a stronger business. When combined with SOLEPAD® cloud, all data is sent to the cloud to visualise the company’s performance and produce effective business analytics reports.

Thomas Papakostas, CEO at R&D CORE explains:

“The SOLEPAD® SYSTEM gives footwear retailers an opportunity to revolutionise the way they sell shoes in-store and more importantly to attract today’s tech-savvy shoe shoppers who are looking for exciting and interactive ways to shop.
Our technology gives retailers the chance to monitor the entire sales cycle even when there is no sale. Understanding why a customer is leaving empty handed empowers the retailer to address the issue. Its seamless cloud interface can give marketing teams and sales departments real time business monitoring and analytics information, 24/7, from any location. Never before has shoe retailing been so hi-tech and powerful.”

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the SOLEPAD® SYSTEM is available globally from November 2015 and comes in three different models SOLEPAD® Starter, SOLEPAD® PRO and SOLEPAD® ENTERPRISE.

For further information please contact R&D CORE at or telephone: Europe: +44 (0)20 81444600 USA: +1 (617) 997 0950

About R&D CORE Limited

R&D CORE is a financially independent, UK based, technology led start-up organisation specialising in the research, development and commercialization of innovative technologies that enhance human life. Fields of business specialty include: Ideation, advanced market research methods, solution space exploration, intellectual property development, rapid prototyping and development, technology commercialization.

Established in June 2011 and headquartered in Leatherhead, Surrey, R&D CORE focuses on undertaking confidential, ground breaking projects, internally or externally funded. Internally funded projects that fuel the company’s innovation engine include the DRAS® Sensor Technology enabling the creation of large, flexible, multi-contact touchscreens. Additional products include the DRAS® Phone, a truly foldable smartphone, SOLEPAD® SYSTEM a revolutionary foot measuring and business analytics device for shoe retailers and ATLAS an innovative anti-theft bike stand. Further information on R&D CORE is available at: