Bringing technical innovation and design to life


R&D CORE is a leading technology organization specializing in the research, development and commercialization of innovative technologies that enhance human life.
Headquartered in Leatherhead, Surrey, our team of highly skilled engineers and researchers continually push technological boundaries.

We currently have five divisions:
- DRASSENSE: Paper thin tactile sensors with numerous consumer, industrial and medical applications
- SOLEPAD Systems: Foot measuring and business analytics solutions for shoe retailers
- ATLAS: Bike stands and city furniture of superlative design and functionality
- UPLOND: A luxury brand of fully handmade, high technology products
- CONTRACT R&D: Breakthrough solutions for external companies

R&D CORE has internally funded projects that fuel the company’s Innovation Engine. In addition, we develop ground-breaking, commercially viable solutions for companies that do not have the know-how or they need to look outside their business for a breakthrough solution. Our developed solutions are usually protected with utility patents and/or with hard to reverse engineer trade secrets. Moreover, we help our partners commercialize our solutions and maximize their market potential.

Vision Statement: To be the global technology company most admired for its innovation and life changing solutions.
Mission Statement: To develop and commercialize ground-breaking technologies and solutions that delight our end-users.
Business Competitiveness: Relentless focus on Innovation & Excellence.

We’re a financially independent, talented, team and since opening in June 2011 we’ve already had great feedback and encouragement to our unique approach in research, development and commercialization.Most of all we’re here to make life better.
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