Over 80% of children wear the wrong size shoes, which can result in significant health issues including back pain, ankle pain, an increased hallux angle, altered gait and degraded sports performance. Given children’s feet grow every day, there is a need for a fast and accurate foot measurement solution that can be used by schools to regularly assess their students’ feet size and warn the parents whenever there is an issue.

The SOLEPAD® Station is a super fast, easy and fun to use foot measurement solution that has
been developed to serve the above need. The child's foot length and width are measured
within 1 sec with an accuracy of 1mm.


• Improve the pupils’ well-being and sports performance
• Address a serious health issue by raising its importance to the parents' attention
• Actual demonstration of the school’s commitment to offer the best service to their pupils
• Stand out from other schools
• High-tech, interactive and entertaining pupil experience
• No training is needed

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